Highland Marketing resilient through Covid-19 with three new recruits

Highland Marketing resilient through Covid-19 with three new recruits

Specialist health tech marketing, PR and communications agency expands its account management team to support clients and growth in rapidly changing market

Highland Marketing, a full-service agency for health tech marketing, PR and communications, is recruiting three new account team members to support clients and growth. This is despite the economic and employment challenges brought by Covid-19.

Susannah Wright, a former journalist for the Manchester Evening News with five-years’ PR experience, has joined the company as an account director.

While Robina Longworth, a politics graduate and public affairs professional, and Lewis Barraclough, a business graduate with experience working at a healthcare software supplier, have come on board as an account manager and account executive.

Highland Marketing co-founder and chief executive Mark Venables said their varied backgrounds would bring new perspectives and skills to the agency, as it responds to the rapidly developing health tech market.   

“The negative impact of the novel coronavirus on families and on the economy has been considerable, but the NHS response to Covid-19 has included a significant increase in the update of technology,” he said. “The roll-out of remote working, virtual clinics, and systems to support patients has encouraged it to take digital progress far more seriously.

“We have taken on new clients in response, while continuing to work hard to put our existing clients’ products and services in front of the people who need them, and shared news with the media  and broadcasters who want to tell positive stories about the benefits being delivered across health and social care.

“That is why we have been able to take on three, full-time members of staff; and why we need them. Susannah, Robina and Lewis will support our clients as the NHS continues to embrace innovation in this winter’s ‘reset’ while creating headroom for Highland Marketing to focus on its own strategy and growing roster of industry partnerships.”

Susannah Wright said she felt she was moving into health tech communications at an important time. “What attracts me to health tech is that while our clients are providing benefits to healthcare organisations, they are providing benefits to society,” she said.

“Because if technology can make the system more streamlined, and safer, and more transparent, that will be better for everybody who uses its services.” She also said she wanted to help Highland Marketing grow, so it could help more clients meet their marketing and communications goals.

“As a marketing and PR professional, I want to help clients make communications part of their business strategy,” she said. “But as a journalist, I know that everything starts with people and with stories. I want to help clients to find those stories and to tell them to best effect.”

Robina Longworth also felt she was joining the right industry at the right time. “The NHS reached its 70th anniversary in 2018, and I am hoping that health tech will help it to evolve to meet the needs of the next 70 years,” she said.

“Everybody is saying ‘let’s seize the moment’ as we come out of Covid-19, and I want to help clients to do that. I have worked in Westminster, and I can’t wait to introduce our clients to Westminster and to advise them on how they can influence the decisions it makes that impact on this industry.”

Lewis Barraclough said he was looking forward to putting his knowledge of the healthcare software market and his digital skills to use. “I am really interested in social media and in web development, because of the impact they can have,” he said. “As I work on client accounts, I will aim to encourage companies to make the most of new media.”

Highland Marketing has been working in health tech communications for almost 20-years and has become known as the go-to agency for international and UK suppliers who want to build a presence and a successful business in NHS IT.

The agency uses the #HealthTechToShoutAbout hashtag to promote digital solutions through effective PR, marketing and sales acceleration campaigns, and also supports its industry through partnerships with representative bodies and media organisations that share its values.

Co-founder and client services director Susan Venables said Highland Marketing’s latest recruits would continue this tradition. “Healthcare is important, technology matters, and Covid-19 has just proved that,” she said.

“Susannah, Robina and Lewis confirmed that this is why they want to work in health tech communications. We are confident that they will be a great asset to Highland Marketing and its clients, who are also committed to making a difference, particularly during this unprecedented time!”


About Highland Marketing
Highland Marketing is an integrated communications, PR and marketing consultancy with an unrivalled reputation for supporting UK and international health tech organisations. Highland Marketing is dedicated to supporting the diffusion and adoption of innovation across health and social care, and over nearly 20 years has built a reputation for being the go-to agency for vendors and their customers. Highland Marketing is expert in market strategy planning, research, branding, messaging, content marketing, PR, social media and scales acceleration.

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