Strategy setting

Health and care technology is a complex and sophisticated market. Through our research and strategy development service, Highland Marketing can help you find a profitable place in it for your product or service.

Highland Marketing is skilled in researching and analysing the market to identify opportunities, and define a strategy and go-to-market plan that drive growth.

We understand market drivers and policy aspirations, offer unrivalled knowledge of the health tech scene, and are well-connected with key influences. We use our experience and expertise to provide:

  • Market opportunity scanning.
  • Product positioning and value proposition development.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Market segmentation and selection.

Why work with Highland Marketing?

Market opportunity scanning

Through a deep understanding of market drivers, including policy, funding and customer aspirations, Highland Marketing is well-positioned to identify market opportunities.

Working with a small health tech specialist, we have identified opportunities to extend the use of their software into adjacent markets. Work included defining the target market, identifying the “fit” of the product, and recommending enhancements to improve its suitability.

Working with a growing global provider of specialist healthcare software, we have investigated potential expansion opportunities for their products. Work included scanning for “disruptive” new entrants to the care market, understanding their needs, and linking those needs to product capabilities.

Product positioning and value proposition development

We can help you build a coherent product and service portfolio that addresses policy priorities and excites customer interest.

Working with an ambitious and acquisitive multinational with a growing portfolio of health tech products, we have helped build a coherent and well-aligned product offer. Work included identifying synergies, opportunities, and threats for the portfolio, and developing positioning messaging.

Competitive analysis

We’re skilled in providing an objective comparative evaluation and gap analysis of your value proposition.

Working with a European hospital equipment vendor, we have analysed new geographic territories and identified opportunities for growth. Work included building in-depth knowledge of new territories, suggesting opportunities, and identifying priorities.

Market segmentation and selection

Using our sector knowledge, we help you identify and prioritise your prospect base.

Working with a major global hospital software provider, we have built a strategy to allow them to penetrate prospects previously locked into competitors. Work included qualitative market analysis (complementing existing quantitative intelligence), prospect selection and key contact identification.

When Clanwilliam wanted to explore the wider potential for a primary care insights product, it turned to Highland Marketing.

Lauren Turner, global director of marketing, explains why using an agency with a deep understanding of the NHS, and an eye on product development and messaging, was key to creating market research that was never just going to sit on the shelf.

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Knowledge of the audience is essential.

If you are producing content, you can’t just write something down; you have to understand the audience and what it wants to read and where it wants to read it. It’s the same with analysis; you have to understand who you need to reach, what their problems are, and what you can do to address them. And Highland Marketing really understands that.
Matthew Fouracre
Matthew Fouracre
Marketing Manager, Clinisys
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